★A New History★

I was in need for a new history in my life, another turning point on my path, a different kind of energy than the one I used to have in my comfort zone, back home. The type of energy that I can only get in another place, with another people, in another culture. What I wanted to change was my physical state of being, which was rather passive. I yearned to become active and useful doing the things that I like and make me happy for the festival. So that when I return, or not, to my home country, I will be filled with  a different mind set.

The plane taking off – my drawing

When I took the plane from Bilbao to London, and then another one from London to Sofia, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I did not feel nervous and in my opinion, that is because I had waited for something like this to happen for a long time. I spread my wings from Bilbao, a very interesting city in the Northern part of Spain, and flew straight to London, England. Once I was sitting in a plane that was heading from  London toward Sofia, I noticed that the plane was not taking off for a long time. That made me wonder what the problem might be. Before I even got into a plane, I thought I would be very nervous because it was a big change for me to go abroad for a whole year; but nevertheless, I remained calm.

A Bulgarian person seen through my eyes

It was because I was so eager to fly to Bulgaria and embrace the new way of living, at least for a year. It seemed as if the clouds were eager to stay with us all the way to Bulgaria, and it was as if they hoped we would move through them. I needed time to absorb the beautiful landscape that I was looking  at through the window of the plane. Those wonderful and diverse shades of green travelled through my body almost in an instant.

When I landed at the Sofia´s airport, Ina and Presiana, my two EVS´s mentors, were waiting for me with pretty smiles, open arms, and a poster with my name. It made me feel quite grateful to be welcomed by someone in a new country, where everything, along with a language, is totally unknown to me.

My welcome at the airport

Maja, my flatmate, was waiting for me at our future home, with a sweet hug. I had no contact with her before coming here, so I had no idea what kind of person I will meet. Even though I was afraid that I might not get along with her, it turned out that she is a perfect person to live with. Maja has quite an opposite character than mine, which helps us to complement each other and enrich our everyday life together. She is very talkative, very active, fast, whereas I am calm, a person with few words, and maybe a little bit passive, from time to time. Therefore, we balance each other without much effort.

My room

At the moment everything is quite right, and the flat is very beautiful. What I like about my flatmate is that she takes a lot of photos, but I tend not to be in them as much as she would like me to be. Instead, what I prefer is to begin my exploration of the city.

The second day of my arrival in Sofia, one of our mentors Ina, took both Maja and me to a Bulgarian restaurant, where I had the opportunity to taste some of the Bulgarian dishes, such as a salad called Shopska  Salad, and a soup, typical for Bulgaria, called Tarator.

The lunch in the restaurant with Maja and Ina
Tarator Soup

Right after lunch, the BYF team, alongside the project director Emilia, made a warm welcome for me, and gave me the first tasks to do.

Also, I am learning about new ways of cooking food with Maja! And it is interesting for me because I can cook all these things for the rest of my days, both Serbian and Bulgarian food. It means that my life is going to be more enriched and my future routine days will be more diverse and filled with varieties in my eyes, and in the eyes of the people, who share life with me.

Yesterday, while we were going out of the building, we saw some books on the stairs that lead to the entrance, piled one on top of the other. It was a great gift for us, because in that way we could add books to our home.

The books we found on our doorstep

There were some Bulgarian books,  a book with pictures, a book in English,  and one in Spanish, so we took some of them home, out of curiosity.  They were making us feel more welcome, and they were inviting us to explore them: words, pictures, etc. What is incredible is that a book contains a world inside of it, and when you can’t read it because of the language gap, it is the same as someone closed your eyes. Thank you day for this gift!

I feel like moving step by step to a better future. I can see the world is very big and very small at the same time. My days go on, while my heart beats up again.


I made this leap out of my comfort zone, and I am where I am supposed to be – here, in Bulgaria.

(Continue on reading to find out how Aniol made the courageous leap out of his comfort zone, into the unknown.)


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