Bulgarian Lessons

Living the life of an EVS volunteer may be a challenge, considering that we come to another country, totally different from our own, experience life as it is, try to adapt as much as possible, and on top of that, give the best of ourselves to communicate our thoughts to the others in their native language. Despite all that, being a part of this big community is a dream come true. Especially that this very same community of volunteers in the EVS program gives us this big opportunity to learn the native language, to immerse ourselves into the local society, and ease the communication with local people.

Therefore, once we arrived, we were told that we would be having some Bulgarian lessons in the course of our volunteering. Soon enough, we found ourselves in the classroom with a very enthusiastic, lovely, merry, amusing, and intelligent teacher, called Nadia. In the beginning, we thought it would be very hard and very slow for us to acquire the language, especially for the two people coming from Spain, having in mind there is no Cyrillic letter in that country; however, we were wrong. Every single lesson was quite easy to follow, nicely presented and we felt inspired to learn more and soon be able to talk in Bulgarian. The teacher always offer us biscuits, water or tea, which makes us feel like we are at home, thus making the learning more relaxed and fun. We love the visuals, handouts with a lot of nice, colourful imagery, and the flashcards the teacher is preparing for us.

We hope that the rest of the lessons we are going to be taking in the future, are  as good as the ones we have already had, and that the learning process will go on as smoothly as it has so far, so that soon enough we would be able to go out in the city and use what we have learned in communicating our thoughts to the native people of this country.


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