Breathtaking Bucharest

I had met numerous number of people talking about their adventurous travels throughout the world, heard various stories told in such ways that I could have felt my own self witnessing everything at the moment of happening, and browsed through so many photos and videos they posted on social media. Every time I got to know one more country, one more street, one more local shop. Every moment I felt the excitement and happiness for the person experiencing a visit to a country. Yet, I had never thought that the joy and thrill that ran through my body stepping out of the BlablaCar onto the soil of Romania, the Land of Dracula, could be so massive and intense. That was my first real travel. It prepared me for the future advancements towards different cultures, slowly taking my fears away.

The BlaBlaCar left my friend Raul from Spain and me in a very small street forty minutes walk from the center of the city, where we  were supposed to stay in one of the hostels. The very first thing that caught my attention was a house covered completely in leaves. While my thoughts were touching the fairy tales side, my friend’s reasoning was more realistic, mentioning the bugs and flies that go along with the plants. He quickly brought me back to reality.

The ‘tree’ house

After a short talk with the owner of the hostel, we decided we would rather head towards the center and try to find some hostel there. It was getting late. The night fell shortly, making the immediate change of the surrounding. The city lights were switched on, allowing the visitors to see yet another beautiful side that the Land of Dracula had to offer.received_282464242112734

In the BlaBlaCar we met another traveler from Pakistan, called Ali. The three of us, finding ourselves quickly in the center of the city, after using the metro, began the search for the nearby hostels. It took us a few minutes to find the one that was three minutes away from us, and without hesitation, we decided we should stay in the hostel called Pura Vida, together. The manager of the hostel was quite helpful and soon he found a room for us.

The room was already occupied with three more people, two from England, and one all the way from Brazil, called Diego. Soon, Diego joined our group, and with two more world travelers from Turkey, a boy and a gorgeous girl, called Aysun, we began our exploration of beautiful Bucharest.

Since we arrived late at night, discovering the night life was the first thing to do. We roamed through the streets in the center, filled with cafes, clubs, restaurants, and gazillions of people from all over the world. The atmosphere was breathing with youth, happiness, laughter, while the night was echoing with music. In one of the clubs I heard a song from my home country, Serbia, from a music band called S.A.R.S – it came as a great surprise since the least thing I would have expected was to hear any song from back home. There were so many young people passing us by that it was barely possible to walk the narrow paths between two buildings without bumping into them. We danced, met new people, and just loved the feeling that Bucharest night life aroused in all of us.

The day after, we visited the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum.

Situated down on the Herăstrău park lakeside, right in the middle of Romania’s capital city, it contains authentic houses from the Romanian villages, along with many artifacts from the XVII century, all the way up to the XX century. It was a day filled with learning about the tradition, history, and culture of the Romanian people.


Being in Bucharest without trying the Romanian cuisine was out of question. Thus, we quenched our thirst and satisfied our tummies in one of the restaurants with Romanian traditional cuisine.2016-07-16-22-01-43-960

The restaurant Caru’ cu bere breathed with difference, novelty, and inspired us just by looking at it from outside. We could not  have even imagined what the atmosphere would be inside. The wood, the mosaic window glasses, the curving wooden stairs leading to the upper floor, the enormous chandeliers, the soup in the bread baked in the shape of a bowl, home-made traditional dishes, made our minds spin around.

Apart from delicious food, the restaurant offered a few surprises. Little did we know that the evening would be filled with Professional Dancers entertaining the guests with their dance show.

After a good  night sleep, the first beams of light reminded us that the ten-hour-train to Sofia was waiting for us a the railway station in Bucharest. We packed, said goodbye to our friends, and alongside Diego, Raul and me headed towards the railway station.


The short trip to this breathtaking city was over. But, the urge to see more cities; the excitement about setting my feet into some other part of the world; the satisfaction in my heart, knowing I have added one more experience on my list; the growth of my spirit and the expansion of my mind, are the things that would always prevail in my life, making it worth living.


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