BYF – Balkan Youth Festival

12931273_10154178702385513_1346502247546072146_nThe time passes by as quickly as the lightning strikes the Earth. Day by day, we have lived the dream, tasted Bulgarian cuisine, enjoyed strolls through beautiful parks, explored the breathtaking Sofia, traveled through Bulgaria and outside of it, smelled the spring air with Tilia Trees, and opened our minds through different experiences. However, there is one more thing we have not lived through yet – the excitement, thrill, the music echoing through our ears, and the sight of amazing performers and artist that connect us all, despite the differences, into one whole, at the Balkan Youth Festival.

Finally, the moment we  were waiting for has arrived, the festival is at the corner. That magic moment when we will be able to see the result of our work. After two months of working hard, we have big expectations. During the preparation period we have been able to see many pictures about the past editions of the festival, and it looks astonishing!

So we can not wait to live the peak of our project, the Balkan Youth Festival. We hope you all will be in Sandanski between the 7th and 12th of September, and we can share that fairy experience, which will remain in our minds forever as one of the most worthy memories in our lives.



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