Meeting the BYF Sandanski Team

Being a part of BYF and the EVS program in general does not mean just being in touch with your tasks, finishing them following the deadlines, but also being in close cooperation with all the people involved in organisation of the festival. Thus, we had the pleasure to travel to the center of the best youth gathering in the South Eastern Europe – Sandanski.

We were welcomed by two girls, a very dedicated volunteers for the festival, at the bus station. While Slavena was taking a lot of photos of us, making us feel like the stars of the day, Lili was leading the way to the hotel we were staying in. Our mentor Boyana, who joined us on our journey, and who is originally from Sandanski, was showing us around, introducing Sandanski in the best possible way.

The first day was spent in introducing ourselves to each other, and sharing the presentations we had made – about ourselves and a presentation about Bulgaria seen through our eyes.

The days were spent in sharing the ideas about the festival. We would gather in the Iceberg cafe and discuss the organisational part of the festival, mainly making the event of the festival on Facebook.

Lili and Boyana presenting BYF

We shared the tasks among ourselves and set deadlines. The sharing thing was a great opportunity to learn about each others way of thinking, see the creative flow, and also learn since all of them have been a part of the festival for a few years already. All three of us got to know more about the festival after the Sandanski BYF team presented a video about the festival, telling us all the relevant information.

After a few working hours, the girls took us to the Archeological Museum. There, with a guide, we found out about the early Christianity complex, the Bishop John basilica and the Episcopal complex.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day finished with us taking a swim in the local swimming pool filled with mineral water. It was time to leave scorching Sandanski and go back to Sofia. But, soon we would be back in Sandanski for a month and a half to work a bit harder on the organisation of the festival, and enjoy the actual festival that will take place from 7th to 12th of September. See you there!


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