Meeting with the Minister

While we were preparing the festival, all of a sudden we were told that we were going to have a meeting with the Youth and Sports Vice Minister, Mr Асен Марков. None of us expected it and we were all astonished, but very glad.

And eventually the moment arrived. We put on our best clothes and left the flat heading towards the Youth and Sports Ministry.

First of all, we met Boyana (our mentor), Slavena (a Bulgarian volunteer), and a lady called Radostina Radanova, who would introduce us to Mr. Markov. After passing through the security control we got in the building.


Then, we looked for the office. We got in and the secretary accommodated us in a room. We waited there for a few minutes, and they offered us water, coffee and chocolates. All of us were wondering what the Vice Minister would be like. Then he arrived. He was such a nice man, dressed in smart clothes, but very friendly and kind. What he did next was asking us to move to the meetings room.

In the meeting room Mrs Radostina Radanova introduced and gave a short summary of the Balkan Youth Festival, asking Mr. Мarkov if he and the ministry would be interested in supporting the festival.

The Minister was quite open to the idea and after a short introduction of ourselves he decided that the festival would have full support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.



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