YES – Youth European Strategy!

In less than a month, everything that we, as long-term volunteers, have been working on, along with the help of our mentors, and the supervision of our coordinator Emilia Marinova, will come to life on the 7th of September, in Sandanski.

We have been working on our tasks, thinking about the festival, sharing ideas, and holding a lot of meetings. We are not only the part of the whole, scooping the surface and focusing only on that, but we also take part in creating new things; organising, collecting, writing, posting, and sharing information; and now we are also an important part of the chain responsible for one of the BYF projects: YES – Youth European Strategy!

YES project  was funded by ERASMUS + program, implements and promotes dance as a creative tool for non-formal education. 49 young people, along with 7 leaders from the exchange countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Spain, Romania, Turkey), will not only present and get to know each others’ cultural traditions, music and dance of their home countries, but also participate in ice-breaking games, teamwork and energizing activities, sharing experience, creating new partnerships and friendships.They will bland dancing styles in mixed intercultural groups, creating a brand new dance, which they will then perform in a live concert at the festival.

What we as volunteers offered was not just our time, energy and initiative, but also our motivation and inspiration. It can all be seen in the things we have done for this particular project:

YES event.jpg

Yes Cover photo (2)

  • Creating many other cover photos for the same event that we will keep on changing, thus updating our event, making it more interesting, and inviting for all of the people interested in it:

Yes Cover photo version 4Yes Cover photo template 8Yes Cover photo 9Yes Cover photo 9 black and whiteYes Cover photo template 6

  • Holding many meetings with our mentors – Boyana, Ina, Presiana; the leader, dancer and the choreographer of the dance groups – Veronika; our coordinator – Emilia Marinova:

1 DSC_02362 DSC_0242

YES project is created in the framework of the Erasmus + Program, with the financial support of European Commission, through the Human Resources Development Centre.

YES project:

Facebook profile:
Facebook official page:
Video, year 2014:
Presentation, year 2015:


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