Preparation of the Festival

On Monday 15th, our dream started becoming true. Finally we moved to Sandanski, and that meant that the festival was getting closer.

The day began in the best way possible, meeting Rado, a Bulgarian volunteer who would become a very close friend in a few days.

Our new friend Radoslav – Rado

When we arrived in Sandanski, all the Bulgarian volunteers were waiting for us in front of the office.

The next day we went to the office, and we decorated it with the help of the other volunteers. We were given the first tasks, and we started working hard.

We made two posters, one for welcoming the short term volunteers – PYM! (Power of Youth Motivation), and another one for the YES! (Youth European Strategy) project. In addition, we completed other tasks, such as: translating texts, preparing the language coffee, and of course, writing posts for our lovely blog.



The three of us are very enthusiastic about the festival. The days are passing very fast, but at the same time, we are enjoying a lot this process of creating such a big festival.


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