On Friday, 29th July the night was short for Vera, Sergio, Yolanda and me. At half past five in the morning was ringing the alarm clock. We took our things when the sun was starting to shine, while a long travel was waiting us. We tryed to sleep in the train.

tren, vámonos! =)2
Photo made by: Sergio Leal

In the moment when we had to change the train, we found another two volunteers who were travelling to Tryavna also, at the same place like us: Iván and Agnès. And we began to be a stronger group.

When we arrived to Tryavna, another volunteers were waiting for us in the train station, we went all together to a restaurant, it was in the mountain and we arrived a little tired with our heavy bags, but you forget at the same moment that you discover the beautiful village´s views in the arrival.

Later we bought some food for cook at night and we went to home for leave the bags, rest and became a short walking in the forest next to home. Nico (a french volunteer with an interesting character) let me paper and graphites for to draw the sketch of some views in a specific place where you can see another village in the middle of the path.

On the evening we were in home with music and dance, talking and laughing with differents histories, about our feelings while we were listening different kinds of music.

On Sunday, we went to another village, Boyentse. It was really traditional and beautiful place. It is full of white, wood and roof´s stone houses. And it was in the mountain, two hours walking from Triavna. Damián and me were the first who arrived at home, and in this moment people who were in home was going to see the center of the city; we took advantage of the situation, took our things and we joined them.



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