Veliko Tarnovo

Like all great journeys, rise early, I got up when I knew I was still asleep. On 22th July I took my stuff and went out on the street. And I knew that your destiny is on the road in the same importance as the destination place.

pavla and me

I arrived to Veliko on Saturday morning, Pavla was waiting me in the  bus station.

Pavla is a girl from Check Republic, another volunteer. She is a close, confidence, and sensitive person, she loves mountain and she always want to know more about it, and she has a very interesting and beautiful world inside her. She is my best reference like a good traveller friend in Bulgaria. I started with her my first adventure here: after of EVS´s arrival training, the next day we decided to go to Vitosha Mountain the whole weekend. We slept in the mountain very near of the Cherni Vrah´s pick; the next day we went to Boyana´s waterfools. We arrived at home tired and happy.

We went to home to leave my bag, to make nap and to drink a tea. After this, Pavla carry me to see this beautiful city. Veliko`s centre is separated in two; the old and the new center. How is logical, is more magical the old one, because it has more history. And in Veliko there is a legend which say in this place there are the girls with the most beautiful legs, and it is because Veliko Tarnovo is up and down, up and down, up and down, all the time! Because is a city built in the middle of the mountain.

yo en los velikos

On Saturday afternoon we went in centre, we crossed the bridge and we saw the river and the green of the trees that are around it. We arrived to the horse´s statue; which represent a history flight. And next of it is the arts museum, after to see it if you up a lot of stairs you arrived to a little park with amazing views of Veliko Tarnovo. We turned in another way, to see the castle and the church inside of the castle, with an ice-cream! And after of this, we went to the cathedral which is very near. We go inside, where there is a very good energy. And out also you can see a part of Veliko Tarnovo and its castle.

At six o´clock we went to meet another two volunteers who arrived in this moment, Jero and Nico, they live in Kazanlak. They left their bags, we took all a shower and we went to have dinner in a park in the center and to see an international dance festival which was there. When it was finished , we went to see the traditional light-show  what is changing different lights on one side of the castle  and you can see it in the views next to the catedral.

On Sunday morning, we woke up and we went to the mountain, to see the waterfools and the Transfiguration´s Monastery. It was really nice. When we were inside, a man said to Nico that he wanted to invite us to a coffee. It was in a big wood house next to the monastery.. He told us he is the restorer of the monastery and he was living there. We were very confortable in his home, but we had to go because it was late and we needed the sun light for return in the mountain.

When we arrived at home, we were very happy but hungry. We took our shower and we went to a restaurant near home what Pavla knew where there was very good and cheap food, and we ate a lot; it was not good for us because we had eaten a few during the day and we did it without care.

At night, we drunk our watermelon with vodka in the terrace. And at 4:15 a.m. I finished my time in Veliko Tarnovo, I took a taxi for to go to the bus station and I arrived at Sofia. I forgot my phone in Pavla´s home but it wasn´t a problema because I went to meet her in the next weekend, in the next trip, Tryavna.


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