The Flash Mob

Right before the beginning of the festival, we, the long-term volunteers, alongside the short-term volunteers, prepared two flash mobs for popularizing the festival.

For those who aren’t that much into dance, a Flash mob is aĀ large public gathering where people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse. In our case it was a dance.

The first flash mob we participated in was completely created by us. The three of us, and the short term-volunteers worked together to create an interesting, eye-catching dance that will promote the festival in the best way possible. At the beginning, it was a bit difficult to come up with new steps that all of us would like and can follow easily. Finally, we came up with a few easier steps and we chose the song called “Everybody Dance Now”.

Then an Italian volunteer, called Orso, took the initiative, and became the “leader”. He knew perfectly the whole dance, so he performed it in front of us as a guide, with the help of two other volunteers – Yassmina and Anete. Personally I want to thank him a lot, because he put a lot of effort to make this flash mob happen, and he did a very good job!

Orso in action šŸ™‚

Before the first flash mob we made the logo of the 2o years of the EVS with our bodies for celebrating its birthday.img_1859Our performance took place on Wednesday,31st of August,Ā in front of the office,Ā at five o’clock in the afternoon . It was very interesting. We created a “train”, and we walked all the way to Bar Vega in a large row, announcing the Balkan Youth Festival.

When we arrived in front Bar Vega, we performed again our Flash mob.

The second Flash mob was a bit different because the steps, the dance, and the music were already created and arranged by a professional dancer called Nevena Stankova. She was very helpfulĀ because we were very dis coordinated, and when we started rehearsing with her, the whole group became better all of a sudden.

We performed the flash mob in front of the office, just like with the first flash mob. Then, we created a row with all the volunteers announcing the incoming festival. This time, we went to Sandanski hotel to pick up the recently arrived participants for the YES project.

Our last experience dancing in front of a crowd was in the opening ceremony of the festival on Wednesday, September 7th. This time we were almost 40 people because many of the Bulgarian volunteers also joined us. It was a very special moment, because we had the opportunity to take part in the festival we have been preparing for months and be seen by the big audience that came to Sandanski to witness the Balkan Youth Festival!


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