On the road at 10:00 a.m.; Sandanski (Bulgaria) direction Salónica (Greece), three girls in our first time that we want to do our whole trip hitch-hiking. One of us, Yassmina, stops in Salónica where was her destination and Carol and me arrived to Calampaka at 17:00 after 362km and 5 cars.

Photo made by Carolina del Pino

Our next task was to find a place for sleep. We asked people places for sleep. We arrived to a hostel where a gente woman welcame us and invited us to go the next day at 5:30 a.m. to one of the monasteries in Meteora where was going to be an orthodox liturgy. She showed us the room by 12€/night, a very sweet hostel. We were sure that it was our place for sleep the next night.

We went for a walk around the village searching for a local place far away of the center. We finished in another hostel with restaurant, there was another french boy writting on his notebook and with a Greece map on the table. We spoke with him after dinner and Caroline realized that a very good friend of her was in a near town where we were. So, we could know our next destination.

Photo made by Ruben Orosco

Carolina, Rubén (a California´s boy who slept in the same room at the hostel) and me arrived at 6:00 to the monastery with the hoster, we couldn´t see a lot around us on the path because of the darkness. When we got out of the car, a monk was arriving in another car. She said us the liturgy was in another monastery far away from this. I wanted to see inside of the monastery anyway, what the monk was going to do in this hours, if there is not liturgy? Who more was inside? Was happened something interesting inside the monastery? But the hoster ordened us to go and for sure I didn´t want problems. We arrived to the hostel and we went directly to sleep until 8:00 when our alarm clock awaked us by second time and we took the first bus to Meteora.

Rocks in the sky, strange shapes what only nature can imagine. We were arriving to the main monastery (Transfiguration of Jesus), with the possibility to see rocks and the monasteries on the top with different perspectives. We went to see inside the main monastery, we were together Carolina, the boy from California, a boy from Iceland and another from India who we knew in the bus. It was very big, with a lot of galeries, the church, museums, a kitchen, a scheming closed stance with skulls, and the views of two villages under this mountain: Calampaka and Kastraki.

Later, we went for a walk between the other monasteries where we wanted to visit for not pay it, we supposed they had structure like the main one. It is impressive to imagine how people built it because all of the walls were building following the limits on the rock.

Then, we took the first bus to Calampaka because we had to continue doing hitch-hiking until our next destination: Ioannina.

Our last driver on this road left us in the corner of a pub where Pablo, Carol´s friend, took us. We arrived to the Pangea Association´s home where he lives with another ten volunteers for two refugees camp.

We had the strong experience and the opportunity of take part of their help for them during the next day. We saw people whose lifes stops when they arrived to Europe, to these camps: mothers, fathers, grandparents, children without childhood.

In my opinión, some volunteers were making work that the refugees can make by theirselves, like playing with children and distributing clothes . For sure is good some extra organization, but they have all that we have, they don´t need it, the thing that they need is to see an open door for the freedom, opening the borders. I don´t understand how a human person is not allowed to walk, to live around the world.

A farm in a refugees camp. Ioannina. Photo made by Leticia García Hernando


Sunset in a refugees camp in Ioannina. Photo made by Leticia García Hernando

 In only one day, it was hard to say bye-bye to this people.

The final of our trip was to meet with another two volunteers; Yassmina from Italy and Sandra from Spain; in Salónica.

It was the relax side of our Greece. We was sleeping there doing couchsurfing in the home of a really nice greek boy. We spent one day on the beach and in a walking around the centre.

Salónica. Photo made by Sandra González García

The next morning we went to the views from the high part of the city and to the castle.

At 15:00 we started our last trip hitch-hiking until Sandanski. After our change mind because of the things that we had lived and saw, Sandanski was like when we left it; Sandanski was now our home, when one month ago we saw it like a new place. It is like the life give turns.






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