Catalans in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo

The biggest surprise for Aniol was the news that his family would come for a visit. Little did he know that the surprise would be doubled. Hearing the immense happiness in his voice once he called me from the airport, where he was waiting for them, telling me that one more member of his family stepped onto the soil of the Balkans, made my heart melt. It was his little sister Tanit, a nine-year old beautiful and very intelligent girl.

Aniol, Enric, Merce, Tanit, myself, Leticia

I did not meet them the very same day they arrived, but the day after they paid us a visit in the apartment. Merce and Enric entered the doors of our home with smiles on their faces. Alongside them, a little smiley girl, showed no reserve and just ran into my arms. After a nice lunch, we played some social games, like Uno, and Aniol’s mum gave a lot of presents to Leti and me.

Some of the gifts we received – aprons and hats/scarfs

One of the following days we spent walking the streets of Sofia, enjoying the buildings, parks, cafes, and places for eating. We shared stories, laughed and had a lot of fun.

Soon, they decided that one more town in Bulgaria deserved to be visited, and in no time his family, Aniol and me were on our way to Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria.

Travelling in such a positive and nice group of people made me feel welcome, respected, and on top of everything, feel loved.

Once we got out of the bus, we headed towards the Travel Agency Info Desk to ask how to get to the castle called Tsarevec. After being shown the direction, we started walking forward, taking a lot of photos on the way.

We enjoyed the graffiti of the town, the shops filled with souvenirs and, standing in front of the shop selling the costumes for Koukers – traditional pagan holiday in Bulgaria, I found a great chance to tell the story behind such tradition to Ce and Enric.

Tsarevec was a magnificent sight to lay eyes upon. The long line of the castle walls lefts us mouth-gaped. The length and the width of the place took us a little less than three hours to explore.

The church on the top of the hill in the castle area and the frescos inside with quite a different style – modern or even abstract, amazed me.

After those three hours of sight-seeing, we rushed to the bus station to catch the bus back to Sofia.

EVS has been good to us so far, and it allowed us to see many many places and meet many people. What EVS is also doing is bringing people together. This time it brought Aniol’s family to us, gave us a chance to get to know them and one of us, too, from another perspective, understand other people’s culture, language, making us smarter, better-equipped and brighter people. Thank you EVS for these opportunities.


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