Language Coffee – Everyone’s a Winner

This Language Coffee, with new activities and a lot of prizes from the National Agency, has been full of smiles and new faces of young local people and also people around Europe.

This time, we had an introduction about the International Volunteer Day what is celebrated on 5th December, and about 20 years birthday EVS, before the games.


The first game was a Quiz. Some of the questions were in relation with this introduction information, with international songs, and about the culture of different countries around the world. We started the game in a lovely musical way, with Chiara and Conchi playing for us, with a guitar and a nice voice.

We could see all the people enjoying the music, and then, we started with the game. Some questions were easier than others, but all the people participated in the game picking up the banners and raising them above their heads, in case they knew the answer.

When it is was finished, we had the chance to one more time enjoy the two girls playing and singing, before we continued with the next game! And then, the Pantomime game started and made all the guests turn into actors. They were interpreting the word or the action that was written in the card that they picked up, all without sounds, using only  their body language and facial expressions. And like in the other game, the person who guessed what it was, had received the prize and he/she had to come on to the scene to mimic the next one.


We want to say thank you to all the people who visited our event, because without them this event would not be possible.

We want to thank to the National Agency for providing us with the gifts, and give a special thanks to the Art Hostel for giving us this beautiful space without any problem, and helping us in technical things.

Thank you all very much.


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