Quick Trip Around Serbia

After coming back from Sandanski, we were a little bit sad and empty, because we had such a good time in the festival because everything had gone and we were back to our routine in Sofia. Lucky us, the same week we came back there was a national holiday, so we had a “long” weekend, four days to be more precise. So we decide to fulfill our time traveling to Maja’s home, in Southern Serbia.So we spend less than one day in Sofia, just to take some clean clothes, and early on the next morning we were on the road.

Three hours later we arrived to Niš, the second city of Serbia after Belgrade, the capital. There we had to switch the bus to Vranje. We had some time between the two buses, and since I was hungry we decided to eat something. That was my first meeting with the Serbian gastronomy, which I would love a few days later. So I ate my first Pljeskavica, we could say that is a huge burger, but it won’t be fair, it is one of those delicious things that you can not describe with words.


Finally we got to Vranje, where I met Maja’s father, who came to pick us up. Then I introduced myself to him in my recently learnt Serbian, it was not that bad, I hope.


After 10 minutes drive we reached Maja’s house, in Vranjska Banja. It was a very nice house, exactly as I imagined, a white house, surrounded by many trees and flowers. Inside I met Maja’s mum, a charming woman, who welcomed me with a huge smile.

After showing me my room and making me comfortable, I was called to eat. It was a lunch time, and like always I was very hungry. In the table, all full of food, were waiting me peppers stuffed with meat and rice. They were very very tasty, so I ate a lot. This was the first of a mob of nice homemade meals, including “Banitsa”, a spinach and leek pie,…

The next day, in the morning we went for a walk in Vranjska Banja with Maja’s father, who explained to me a small part of Serbian history. I enjoyed a lot having the chance to listen from him all those interesting facts and historical explanations. Despite Vranjska Banja is a small town, it is a very nice place. It is all surrounded by nature, placed between two mountains and a river goes through it, everything creates a very welcoming environment.


In the afternoon, I met Maja’s aunt, who took us by car to the top of a nearby hill to have a panoramic vision of Vranje. After that, the tour continued through the city, it was very kind from her.



The next day, I had to say bye bye to Maja’s family, it made me a little bit sad, because they took me in very nicely, and had treated me like a son. I thank them a lot.

We started our way back to Sofia, but before, taking advantage of the fact that we had to switch bus in Niš, we decided to visit the city. We saw the Fortress, the city center and a  we walked around the city a little bit, but unfortunately we had to leave the city in a few hours, because of the bus.

Now I can say that it was a very nice trip, I enjoyed a lot my time in Serbia, and its food. I was very lucky to have the chance to leave for a few days with a Serbian family. Thus, I would like to come back, because four days were not enough to see everything.


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