Language Coffee BINGO! Have you ever

As the New 2017 knocked on our BYF doors, we began brainstorming for the first Language Coffee in this year. This time we had the help coming from people from all the sides of Europe, which gave a special flavour to our event.


We started our event with a New Year video we had made some days earlier, with the help of our mentor Ina.

With this video, Giulia, coming from Italy, an ex BYF short-term volunteer in Sandanski, contributed to our event. An ambitious Bulgarian  girl, called Lili, who studied both in Great Britain and in Japan, gave a voice to Japanese language, while the young Yana, who in her native Bulgarian.

A Serbian Girl, Stefana, showed how similar, but yet how different Serbian language is from Bulgarian, while Aniol and Leticia, our long-term volunteers, pointed out the differences betweent Catalan and Spanish. Of course, I jumped in at the end of our introduction with English translation of the sentence they all pronounced in those languages mentioned above, to help the public understand. What we did with this introduction in seven languages was wishing to everyone who visited us a Happy New Year.

With the help of Leticia’s two friends from Spain, we gathersed wonderful photographs of the event. Ana and Sandra spent the entire time trying to catch the best moments and the vibe of the space with their cameras. We thank them for that!

This time, the event was brought to life with a Bingo game, but in a slightly different way as expected. We made the Bingo game much more interactive and fun. Instead of having numbers, we had words and actions. Instead of reading out from the Bingo card, we distributed the cards to thirty people, whose job was to go around the Art Hostel bar, find the people who had experienced the adventures/funny things, written on the cards, and write their names in the squares. The aim was to ask as many people as possible, and fill in the sixteen squares with as many different names as possible.

Soon, we had a winner, Maria from Romania, a friend of a friend, who paid a visit to our event, bringing Maria with her.

Maria, from Romani – the Bingo! Have you ever..? WINNER

As soon as we announced the winner, we called out to our helpers Guilia and Stefana to bring the prize – the BYF cake, which later on we all shared among ourselves.

The second half of the event, was to ask Maria, the winner, to call out the names of the people from the card, who would come in front of the audience and say a short interesting stories about the experiences written on the Bingo cards. By doing this, we heard the voices of the people from the audience, we got to know new faces, and we had a lot of fun. 🙂

We want to thank to the Art Hostel, which, once again, provided us with the place for our event.9

A special thanks to the Bulgarian National Agence that has been supporting us throughout the whole project. Thanks to our Bulgarian teacher Nadia, who taught us the language, thus making us more self-confident while speaking in Bulgarian in front of the others. Thanks to our project coordinator Emilia Marinova, and our three mentors – Boyana, Presiana, and Ina.


Without them, all this would not be possible. And, finally, thanks to all our helpers, the Language Coffee crew, and all you dear people, who are supporting us every month. Thank You from the BYF crew!

img_1200Check out our Facebook Language Coffee Bingo! Have you ever..? photo album, and our Facebook Language Coffee Bingo! Have you ever..? event. (click to view)


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