Step to Bulgaria Certificates

In this adventure of us in Bulgaria, we have had someone who helped us a lot; Nadia, our Bulgarian teacher, but also our friend. She taught us Bulgarian language from her heart, and transmited to us her passion. She has been our source of inspiration all this time, giving us the strength to learn such a different language.


On the 1st of February  we had our last lesson, Nadia prepared tea, coffee and some sweets. We had a big review of everything we learnt, and at the end of the lesson she gave us our certificates.

We had the pleasure to share with her 45 hours in the lessons and some more outside in more relaxed enviroment. And all these moments make so hard to stop the lessons, we will miss her, and her lovely personality as well. But now is the moment for us to make another step, and use all the things we learnt in our daily lives.

To sum up, we love you so much Nadia, thank you for everything that you did for us, including what we learnt from you and all those small funny moments that made us very happy.



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