Presenting ERASMUS +, EVS and BYF in PGVAT ”A. S. Popov”, Sofia

As EVS volunteers, and as a part of the BYF organisation, the three of us have had a great deal of work, which meant giving a lot of time, effort and dedication. Everything we do, we do with a lot of love. Everything we do, we do to promote this fantastic program, called ERASMUS +, alongside with EVS. Thus, we had a great opportunity to visit one of the high schools in Sofia, Bulgaria, called PGVAT ”A.S. Popov”, this February 21st.16924203_1688923037790467_1760887515_n

The three of us spent a lot of effort, time, energy and love into creating a perfect presentation; the one that will be long enough to include the vast majority of information, yet brief and interesting enough, so as not to be a big bite for such young people. And, once we did it, it was the time to use it, open up a new leaf in a book of life, to those young people, and show all the great opportunities that volunteering can bring to them. 16901694_1688922927790478_1904799105_n

Mrs Radostina Pazvantova was our way into school. Alongside our project coordinator and the director of BYF organisation, Mrs Emilia Marinova, the two of them made it possible for us to gather the students, the teachers, the staff of the school, meet in a nice classroom, and go through the presentation with smile on our faces.

We were greatly surprised with how big of interest those young people listened and watched to our presentation. They were sponging every word, every letter, and you could tell from their facial expressions, they found EVS interesting, and a great opportunity that one should grab, as soon as possible.


After the presentation, we had a chance to answer some of the questions they had to ask. Apart from the questions, concerning the presentation, they wanted to know how much we like Bulgaria, if Bulgarian language is hard for us to understand, which parts of the history of Bulgaria stoop up for us, while learning about it, etc.

The whole hour of our meeting was immensely interactive, because it was not just us presenting, standing in front of them, waving our hands around, with the hope they would understand what is offered to them; it also included them, their views, their thinking. And we loved it! We loved every bit of it!

Check out a short video excerpt from our presentation

We do hope that in the future, we would be able to tell more and more people about this great opportunity to be a volunteer in another country, being surrounded with a lot of new people, new sights, new horizons, giving your time, effort, and love into something that cause immense happiness in you. We hope that many more people will become a part of ERASMUS+ and EVS program, and that we can say that we, too, were an important buckle that joined two ends, bringing them together – a common young person, and an awesome program, which brings new life, and opens new doors.


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