Language Coffee – Art Exhibition

Like our previous languages coffee events, this one has been full of international and also local people enjoying the event.

This language coffee has been different that the others. First of all, we had three artists with us who wanted to share there photographies and paintings: Ivelina, Lili and Giulia.

We started presenting us, our mentors and our artists, who told us a little bit about why they do art, why it is so important to do it for them, what inspires them, etc. They shared a bit of their life in the artist world with the audience that followed them with great interest and curiosity, especially Ivelina’s paintings made with coffee.

Since in Bulgaria there is a holiday that is being celebrated every year on March 1st, called Baba Marta, we grabbed an opportunity to introduce the holiday to the foreigners, and to give Martenitsi (bracelets made from red and white thread) to all our visitors, as a sign of friendship, with the intention to wish them great health, happiness and good luck in life. That is what Baba Marta is actually all about. We also showed them a short video with Pizho and Penda, two wool dolls, representatives of this holiday.

The game for this event was a Crossword Game, connected with  the art, which was exhibited. The people had to fill in a crossword, by going to the photographs and paintings, which had numbers above them, find one object in the picture where the words of the object could fill the same number of the empty squares that they had in their crosswords, and write it down.

We always have some surprise for the winner!! This time we had three winners. The first ones who filled correctly the whole crossword with the 21 words hidden in the total of our artistic pictures, they were the main character of this day.

And of course, we had special prizes. The first winner received the coffee drawing done by Ivelina; the second one – a photograph by Lili, and the third one a photograph by Giulia. They were really happy with their surprises!

And to close the event, we had a brief introduction about different ways to see the photography with the help of different making off about actual photographers, like Gregory Crewdson, Alec Soth, Bruce Gilden and Joan Fontcuberta.

We want to say thank everyone who was joined us, supported us and made our event breathe, once again, with joy and happiness. ♥



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