Language Coffee Bulgaria

With the first breath of spring, and the first blossoming tree, our Language Coffee event opened its doors to old and new faces.

March 25th, Saturday, the current year, was a day where we, as EVS volunteers, living in Bulgaria, decided to present Bulgarian beauty and welcoming spirit, both to the Bulgarians, and foreigners, which visited our event.

We opened the doors of the Art Hostel bar, in Sofia, to everyone, and started our event by introducing ourselves to our audience. DSCF1192

DSCF1197We immediately felt the warmth coming from the hearts of Bulgarians, and the excitement, from people from abroad, living, working or just passing by through Sofia, once we started our presentation about Bulgaria. DSCF1260

The video presented showed, in a brief, but lovely way, all the amazing charms that this country offers, to anyone who decides to set foot on its soil; while the photographs that followed, froze the moments in space and time. Sunny mountains at dawn, forests with the light beams gently squeezing their ways through the branches, blue sky against the bluer Black sea waves, ancient and old parts of town, contrasted to newly built and modern buildings in towns all around Bulgaria, and villages, which smell of the grass you could easily imagine – all of it on a few photographs.

In order to thank to our artists and photographers from the previous Language Coffee Art Exhibition – Lili and Ivelina, from Bulgaria, and Giulia, from Italy, our BYF organisation prepared Certificates of Participation.

We continued by introducing our puzzle game, which was both very interactive and fun. Each of the person that played our game, received one piece of one of the puzzles we had prepared. The game was made in such a way as to allow people to meet each other very easily, exchange a couple of words, all for the aim to find people who have other pieces of their puzzle. In the end, each group consisted of 6 members, and 6 pieces of the puzzle.

The first group to gather, had to come in front of the poster, try to connect the photograph on their puzzle with the corresponding name on the poster, and stick the pieces together. Once they finished, they were supposed to scream: Winner!!!

The prize for the winner was a home-made BANITSA! We had made it with the help of our mentor, exclusively for the Language Coffee Bulgaria event.DSCF1245

However, not just the winners had a chance to try our banitsa, but also everyone else that paid us a visit.

After eating banitsa, we had one more presentation of the six puzzles that were a part of the game. The photographs were shown through the projector and we shared a few words about each photo/puzzle.

We closed the event by thanking everyone that gave all necessary help so that our event could take place. Special thank went to the Art Hostel, which allowed us to gather once again in such an artistic place, as their bar is. We could not have forgotten the Bulgarian National Agency, for backing us up every time we decide to do something. Step to Bulgaria school and its owner Nadia received our thanks, too.

Also, thanks to our photographers, Lili Prodanova, Denitsa Elazarova,  and all of others that took photos at our event.

But, we would not be as successful as we are and tend to be, if not for all of the people who visit us every month. Thank YOU!!!



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