Presenting ERASMUS +, EVS and BYF in Gymnasium Yane Sandanski, in Sandanski

It was a great pleasure of ours, as EVS long-term volunteers, and a part of our BYF organisation, to host a presentation about ERASMUS+, EVS and our organisation in Gymnasium Yane Sandanski, in the municipality of Sandanski, Bulgaria.



We started the presentation with the coordinator, Emilia Marinova, explaining about Balkan Youth Festival and about the EVS world, alongside providing the information about our presentation, and the aim of it. Then, we presented ourselves as long-term volunteers, in Bulgarian language, adding to that what we like/love in and about Bulgaria.

We were so surprised to see so many young people in the classroom and how much they were interested in whatever we had to offer, both the young and the older people, mostly teachers.

We presented in a very interesting way, both the program and our experiences. The young people in Sandanski had the chance to learn about what opportunities are provided by the European Union.

We met in a nice classroom, and went through the presentation with smile on our faces. They found EVS interesting. They were grateful that we were there, to inform them about this amazing program.

They could hear and see a kind of life that you can choose, having a free choice, no matter what their studies are what their financial situation is like.

At the end, two girls who participated in an artistic organization, with the help of their teacher, in Sandanski, gave a present – flowers made from paper, both to us and our coordinator. It was a nice, welcoming thing, which none of us expected.

photo end

And we had a happy ending, knowing that now more Young people know about this program and they can tell to their family, friends, follow our page and getting know about how to travel for free and learning another culture, working in an EVS organization.



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