Festival time!

‘After some performances, the closing act started, and it was so emotional. The coordinator of the Balkan Youth Festival, Emilia Marinova thanked all the participants in front of the audience for cooperation and hard work and the energy they invested in working on the festival for one more year. At last, we all shared a huge BYF cake, in this way putting an end to our sweet dream, which I am sure all the participants will keep in their minds forever.’


BYF – Balkan Youth Festival

The time passes by as quickly as the lightning strikes the Earth. Day by day, we have lived the dream, tasted Bulgarian cuisine, enjoyed strolls through beautiful parks, explored the breathtaking Sofia, traveled through Bulgaria and outside of it, smelled the spring air with Tilia Trees, and opened our minds through different experiences. However, there…

Eco-Festival, Koprinka

”The train was moving slowly towards Kazanlak (Казанлъ̀к, in Bulgarian), a nice, cosy town located at the foot of the Balkan mountain range, at the eastern end of the Rose Valley.”