Who are we?

Hello Everyone,

We are three young people from two different countries (Serbia and Spain), dedicating one year from our lives for a greater good – organising one of the most interesting music festivals in Bulgaria.

We stepped out of our comfort zone to experience some new exciting things, feel the way of living in another country, meet a lot of interesting people from all around the world, learn and develop our skills and competences.

Through various challenging tasks, we grow and we learn what it is like to build the necessary skills to deal with the challenge of working in a team, with people coming from different backgrounds, different style of work, and views on life, etc.

Balkan Youth Festival has become a way of life for us, ever since we stepped on the soil of Bulgaria.

Feel free to check out our videos in the links below:

Introducing Maja and Leti

Introducing Aniol from Spain

 Maja Pešić, from Serbia

I am an English language and literature graduate. Languages are my passion. Currently, I am learning Bulgarian language. I have spent my life doing volunteer work in many different areas – working with children, doing reading workshops, painting a school yard etc. I love travelling, writing, and photography.

I did my short-term EVS project on BYF in 2012. Then, I decided to come back – this time for 11 months, as a long-term volunteer.


Aniol Calatayud, from Spain

I’m 18 years old. Before starting my EVS I finished my High School. This is my first time abroad, I came here to live an unforgettable experience, to learn many things, specially about myself and to face new  situations.

My passion has always been playing basketball, which I used to play when I was young. Nowadays, I am a basketball referee.

I am a calm person, very curious and I like thinking a lot about the things, but I don’t worry too much. I hate when people are dishonest and disloyal. I try to be honest and fair, because I understand that’s how it’s supposed  to be.


 Leticia García Hernando, from Spain

I am a person interested in arts and humanity. Professionally I am directed towards new art projects focused on the limits and characteristics of the human being and its surroundings.

I am here because of the experience, for to improve my scenography skills and to know how to promote in the social media, organize and realize the festival and the events.

I have a master’s degree in film arts at ESCAC film school. In June 2013 I obtained the title of Degree in Fine Arts in Barcelona. I am specialized in sculpture and formed in other fields like video, painting and drawing. He has made an exhibition of engraving in Venice.

I have worked as a dance and skating teacher. She has been performing dance exhibitions for 18 years and has participated in the Spanish Figure Skating Championships for 5 consecutive years.



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